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Living Armor is a Boss and a Winged in Monster Train, that may appear on Ring 7.


The Captain of the Steelwings has never removed the armor hammered into his wings. With each blow taken during battle, the steel forms more tightly around the Winged. We have speculated that the armor has now fused to his body, making him indestructible.

Battle Quotes[]

  • Do not mistake your successes so far as victory.
  • I always knew your Covenant was a sham.
  • You'll have to go through me to get to Seraph.
  • You Hellborne were always so crude.
  • Stop now!
  • Oh did that hurt? Good!
  • You cannot beat me!
  • I should've done this long ago!
  • I can't say I won't enjoy stopping you.
  • I command you to stop!
  • I'll make sure to give Seraph what's left of you.