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Lost Luggage is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


Contrary to common belief, demons do not travel light. Supposedly, the souls of Heaven and Hell require less worldly attachments than the Humans they consider to be so lowly, but I can tell you that is absolutely untrue. I once saw a Hellhorned Demon bring aboard six bursting suitcases. When I asked if all of it was needed, the Demon only glared and growled. Only then, have I truly known fear.


Lost Luggage causes you to always draw 10 cards (your maximum hand size) on turn 1.

It is a very solid Artifact in most decks, greatly improving the deck's early consistency by allowing for lots of options on turn 1, as well as ensuring that most decks will cycle with less investment in card draw.

This will improve the chance that you will draw multiple Banner Units on turn 1, which is generally a good thing as it allows you to more consistently get the units on the train when you want them to be, but do be mindful of taking units with a high Ember cost with this as you will be more likely to be forced to make a tough decision as to which unit to play. For this reason, and because this Artifact helps with card draw, you are somewhat more likely to want a Fel's Remorse than usual with this Artifact. Improved Firebox also pairs quite well with this Artifact, as does Hell's Banners, giving you Ember on turn 1 to go with the card draw this provides.

Lost Luggage is just about always a solid choice for an Artifact and should usually be considered when offered.


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Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Lost Luggage.