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Magma Morsel is a generated Umbra Clan Umbra.png Card in Monster Train. It can't be obtained by any means outside of combat, but is instead the byproduct of certain Umbral cards.

This morsel is a common tier morsel making it one of the weaker set of morsels. This morsel should be fed to minions with multistrike, trample, or sweep before being fed to other creatures so as to gain more effect from the attack it provides.


Originally heated by the nearby Pyre, molten rock can be found throughout the Crucible. Morsels excavate it like anything else, but there was no use for it until I showed them how to use the residual energy to strengthen themselves.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Magma Morsel.
1.1.2 Morsels that get eaten no longer count as deaths for Harvest or other mechanics. Magma Morsel attack increased 3 -> 4, attack gain on eating increased 3 -> 4.
1.2.5 Morsels do not trigger Rally.
2.0.0 Magma Morsel attack stat 4 -> 6 and granted attack 4 -> 6.