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Making of a Morsel is an Umbra Clan Umbra.png Card in Monster Train. It is a spell in the Umbra clan. It is the only way to generate a Morsel Miner consistently. This is best used with Shroud Mitosis to get lots of Morsel Miners.


Only the most trusted of Morsels are allowed to mine the most precious of metals. Even fewer are allowed to forge the valuable creations of the Umbra Shroud. So, to be allowed into these sacred forges was an honor indeed.


Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Spell Emberstone.png Emberstone can be as good on Making of a Morsel as it is otherwise quite expensive to play.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Making of a Morsel.
2.0.0 Making of a Morsel cost 2 -> 1.