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Mark of an Exile is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


Despite the failings of the Roles of Champions, there was some small peace to be found in the knowledge that the Exiles had made an almost identical decision when defending themselves against greater powers. Though, their failing has only amplified ours.


Mark of an Exile gives your Champion +50% of their Health upon entering the battlefield, allowing them to survive longer.

Mark of an Exile's buffs are calculated when the Champion enters the train, and do not scale with subsequent buffs. They are also not considered buffs to the card. So if your Champion dies and is returned to the battlefield somehow, the buff that this Artifact gave them originally will be gone. (However, Mark of an Exile will buff them again once they re-enter, and if their Health has increased since then, the new buff will be based on your Champion's current Health).

The value of Mark of an Exile is usually fairly easy to evaluate - how much are you using your Champion to soak up damage, and how much Health is this Artifact giving you? It is at its best with Rector Flicker's Burn Bright upgrade tree, Solgard the Martyr's Titanchannel upgrade tree, Penumbra's Monstrous tree, any of The Sentient's upgrade trees, or Wyldenten's Thorn Lord tree.

It's worth considering with a high-Health Champion whose survival is a core part of your strategy, and usually skippable otherwise.


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Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Mark of an Exile.