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Melting Remnant Clan Melting Remnant.png is a clan in Monster Train.

"Recruit the Melting Remains of the Waxen Arches. Melting souls and greedy thugs band together to reclaim hell."

The clan is comprised of monsters made entirely from wax. They appear to be candle-like in design, with some Remnant having wicks atop their heads. This clan specializes in high damage units that will burnout after a set number of turns, and many of their cards synergize with this mechanic. With the Melting Remnant, a unit dying doesn't necessarily mean they are gone for good or even just die. Some Remnant units even carry unique extinguish effects that trigger when they die. Their unique abilities are Burnout, Harvest and Reform:

Burnout: Monsters with Burnout have a counter that decreases every turn. Once that counter reaches 0, the monster dies. The amount of Burnout can be increased with cards such as Hallowed Drippings and can be removed entirely with Wickless Recruitment.

Harvest: Monsters with Harvest trigger their abilities when friendly or enemy units die on their floor.

Reform: Cards that Reform a unit removes a monster card from your consume pile and adds it to your hand with +5 Attack, +5 HP, changes their Ember cost to 0, and adds Burnout 1. These changes last until the end of battle.

Successful Melting Remnant decks tend to make use of the Burnout and Reform mechanics to stack boosts onto their units and exponentially increase their damage and survivability. A a few units (as well as an artifact) also focus on Gold Generation, namely Paraffin Thug and Wickless Tycoon, and can significantly boost the gold accrued in a run with the right synergies.



Banner Units



Card Unlocks[]

To unlock the clan Melting Remnant, you need to kill 1,300 Enemies in total.

  1. Rector Flicker
  2. Subsuming Blade, Flicker's Liquor
  3. Resin Removal, Waxer Snuffer
  4. Legion of Wax, Crushing Demise
  5. Little Fade, Mortal Entrapment,Encased Ember
  6. Big Sludge, Melting Spout
  7. Paraffin Enforcer,Remnant Host
  8. Intent on Death, Mold Braces
  9. Sacrificial Resurrection
  10. Wickless Recruitment