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Merchants are an Overworld Event that allows the player to spend gold in exchange for purging Cards from their deck, upgrading units or spells and obtaining Artifacts.


Each Merchant will sell three items at a time. Their inventory can be re-rolled once per Merchant for a cost of 50Gold.

Merchant prices increase at certain Covenant Ranks:

  • At Covenant 11, re-roll costs 20% more. The cost becomes 60Gold.
  • At Covenant 16, card removal costs 20% more. The initial cost becomes 60Gold, increasing each time it is used, to a maximum of 300Gold.
  • At Covenant 18, goods cost 20% more. At Merchants of Magic or Steel, Common upgrades cost 25Gold and Rare upgrades cost between 95Gold and 120Gold. At Merchant of Trinkets, Artifacts cost between 195Gold and 245Gold.[verify]

See: Upgrades for a list of available upgrades

Card Removal[]

All Merchants allow removing cards from the deck. The initial cost is 50Gold, increasing each time it is used, to a maximum of 250Gold. The removal cost is shared by all Merchants through the run.

Removal Costs (Guild Marker discount)
Covenant 1 2 3 4 5 6
0-15 50 (40) 75 (55) 100 (75) 150 (115) 200 (150) 250 (190)
16-25 60 (50) 90 (70) 120 (95) 180 (145) 240 (190) 300 (240)

Types of Merchants[]

Merchant of Steel[]

Merchant of Steel.png

The Merchant of Steel sells 2 different Common upgrades for 20Gold and 1 Rare upgrade between 80Gold and 95Gold.

Each item is randomly selected from the possible choices. There are three Common and four Rare upgrades which may be offered in any run. There is also a Common upgrade for each clan; only the two from the player's clans can be offered, providing a total of five possible Common upgrades in a given run.

Common Upgrades (general)
  • Upgrade Unit Strengthstone.png Strengthstone: +10Attack
  • Upgrade Unit Heartstone.png Heartstone: +25Health
  • Upgrade Unit Battlestone.png Battlestone: +5Attack +10Health
Common Upgrades (clan-specific)
  • Upgrade Unit Furystone.pngClan Hellhorned.png Furystone: Rage 7.
  • Upgrade Unit Thornstone.pngClan Awoken.png Thornstone: +10Health and Spikes 3.
  • Upgrade Unit Runestone.pngClan Stygian Guard.png Runestone: Incant: Gain Armor 2.
  • Upgrade Unit Shieldstone.pngClan Umbra.png Shieldstone: Damage Shield 3.
  • Upgrade Unit Wickstone.pngClan Melting Remnant.png Wickstone: Burnout 1, +5Attack +5Health
  • Upgrade Unit Echo Stone.pngClan Wurmkin.png +3Attack per Echo. (DLC)
Rare Upgrades
  • Upgrade Unit Largestone.png Largestone: +1Capacity +15Attack +40Health
  • Upgrade Unit Frenzystone.png Frenzystone: Multistrike 1.
  • Upgrade Unit Immortalstone.png Immortalstone: Endless.
  • Upgrade Unit Speedstone.png Speedstone: Quick.

Merchant of Magic[]

Merchant of Magic.png

The Merchant of Magic sells 2 Common upgrades for 20Gold and 1 Rare upgrade between 80Gold and 100Gold.

The first upgrade offered is always Emberstone. The second Common upgrade is either Powerstone or Surgestone. The Rare upgrade is random.

First Item Second Item Third Item
Upgrade Spell Emberstone.png Emberstone: -1Ember Either:
  • Upgrade Spell Powerstone.png Powerstone: +10 Magic Power.
  • Upgrade Spell Surgestone.png Surgestone: +20 Magic Power, Consume.
Any of:
  • Upgrade Spell Eternalstone.png Eternalstone: Remove Consume, +1Ember
  • Upgrade Spell Freezestone.png Freezestone: Permafrost.
  • Upgrade Spell Keepstone.png Keepstone: Holdover.
  • Upgrade Spell Stackstone.png Stackstone: Doublestack, +1Ember

Merchant of Trinkets[]

Merchant of Trinkets.png

The Merchant of Trinkets sells three Artifacts. Prices range between 160Gold and 220Gold.[verify]