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Mods are game modifications that are not officially supported by the Devs. Installing and Developing Mods can be done on Monster Train for Windows. Mods are currently not available for XBox. Please ALWAYS make a backup for your game data before installing mods or changing game files. It is also advised to play the game signed out.



NEVER use non-cosmetic mods on Multiplayer. Using mods during the Daily Challenge, Hell Rush or a Custom Challenge (unless everyone playing the custom challenge has the same mods installed) is regarded as cheating and will result in the player getting banned.


Mods are not officially supported by the Devs. Do not report bugs to the Dev team when any mod is active. Further, any risk that comes with installing a mod, such as Game File Corruption or crashes should be acknowledged before Mod installation.

Please ALWAYS make a backup for your game data before installing mods or changing game files, please see Save File Editing for more information.


Two mods are required to play most other mods. These two mods are:

Mod Installation on Steam[]

  1. From the Monster Train main menu, click "Mod Settings" in the lower right corner.
  2. Enable the Mod Loader.
  3. Apply changes and restart the game.
  4. Go to the Steam Workshop and subscribe to some mods! There is a link to the Workshop inside the game itself under the Mod Settings menu if you click "Browse Mods".

Note that every time you change what mods you have installed you must restart the game for it to recognize the mods.

Mod Installation on GOG[]

GOG does not officially feature a Mod menu like Steam does. However you can still install mods manually. Note that without a mod menu, you can only activate and deactivate a mod manually (by deleting the files in the patch folder). A mod manually installed may not have a cosmetic/non-cosmetic trigger available, thus it is even more important to make sure that all mods are deactivated when joining a Multiplayer game.

Finding a mod[]

Currently, the biggest collection of mods is the steam workshop:

Downloading a Mod[]

If you do not use Monster Train on steam, but want to download a mod available on the steam workshop, go to the following website to download the mod you need:

Installing a Mod[]

  1. Download BepinEx x64 Version
  2. unzip the folder inside your MonsterTrain folder, so that the BepinEx folder is in the same directory as your Monster Train executable.
  3. Your BepinEx folder should only have a Core folder inside.
  4. Start the game, wait a couple of seconds and leave the game.
  5. Check your BepinEx folder. It should now have a plugins folder inside.
  6. Download the mods you want to use, you'll also need the Trainworks mod.
  7. Copy the files from inside the plugins folder from each mod inside your plugins folder inside BepinEx.

List of popular Mods[]

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List of Mods (updated 2021/9/3)
Name Cosmetic Type Description Updated for latest Version Workshop Link
Restart battle button Yes QoL Adds a button to the battle screen that starts the battle over from the beginning. Yes
Arcadian Clan No Clan Arcadian Clan, a full additional faction. Yes
Unofficial Balance Patch No Balance Rebalances a number of cards and champion paths in the game to provide a more interesting set of choices throughout a run. Yes
More Boss Information Yes QoL Adds additional floating boss information into the UI and changes the names of floating bosses so that they are more identifiable and it's easier to tell what they do. Yes

Resources on developing Mods.[]

For a basic modding guide see:

The modding community is active on discord: