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Morsel-Made is a Banner Unit of the Umbra Clan Umbra.png.


As the mines of the Crucible twist farther into the depths of Hell, Morsels find themselves safe from the Shroud in their solitude. In the furthest reaches of the Crucible, the Morsels have banded together to create singular entities that further increases their collective chances of survival.


Morsel-made can dramatically shift the strategy for run, because it does not require a large amount of space for morsels. Its Gorge ability is fairly mediocre, but because you can feed it as many morsels as you can produce the cards for from a single capacity space on its floor, it can allow decks which focus very aggressively on high morsel production. It pairs well with a Morselmaker (which produces two morsels per turn) or especially a Morselmaster (which doubles the effect of every morsel card played without the usual limitation of filling space). Morsel-made pairs much better with Primordium than Penumbra, as Penumbra works best with a large supply of morsels and will thus compete with Morsel-made while Primordium can, given enough space, provide additional food for a morsel-made because each trigger of Hunger can use one stack of Buffet.

Because the Morsel-Made evades the space limitation of other gorge units, it can make decks viable which produce too many Morsels for consumption without it. As such, cards like Antumbra Assault, Plink, Packed Morsels, and Retch, which produce multiple morsels from a single low-cost card are highly valuable.

Suggested Upgrades[]

In any deck that makes optimal use of Morsel-made, it will be a powerhouse expected to deal and take most of the damage for the whole roster. As such Frenzystone is a very good choice for an upgrade to allow it to double the boosts to its damage and kill two enemies per turn. If available, a unit essence to grant multistrike or trample can be a major boon, allowing it to wipe out large groups of weak enemies. static bonuses to health and attack are near useless, as properly supplied Morsel-Made can gain much more by eating enough morsels.


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Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Morsel-Made.