Monster Train Wiki

Mutators are modifiers that can be enabled at the start of each run.

Monster Train[]

Mutator Description Notes Version
A New Challenger.png
A New Challenger
Your Champion is randomly replaced by one that is not from your primary or allied clan. Spine Chief and Echowright are excluded from this. 1.1.2
A Simple Plan.png
A Simple Plan
Non-Champion units cost +2Ember. Start with Sketches of Salvation. 1.1.2
Acid Rain.png
Acid Rain
Deal 2 damage to all units after combat. 1.0.0
Arcane Allergy.png
Arcane Allergy
Enemy units enter with Spell Weakness 1. 1.1.2
At Your Service.png
At Your Service
Start with 2 additional Train Stewards and Advanced Prototype. 1.1.2
Big Chungus.png
Big Chungus
All friendly units get +1Capacity. Named after popular internet meme, Big Chungus. 1.1.2
Bleeding Cash.png
Bleeding Cash
Lose 1Gold whenever a friendly unit takes damage. 1.1.2
Friendly and enemy units get +5Attack and +10Health. Your Pyre gets +10Attack. 1.0.0
Broken Valve.png
Broken Valve
Start with Volatile Gauge. 1.0.0
Burn Bright.png
Burn Bright
+2Ember per turn. 1.0.0
Buying Power.png
Buying Power
Merchants provide a card duplication service. 1.1.2
Cheap Trick.png
Cheap Trick
Spells cost -1Ember. 1.0.0
Come Prepared.png
Come Prepared
Add 12 additional random cards to your starting deck. 1.1.2
Dante's Comedy.png
Dante's Comedy
Start with Dante the Deceptive and 3 Dante's Candle. Dante gains Intrinsic. 1.1.2
Double stacks of all status effects. 1.0.0
Extra Pyre.png
Extra Pyre
Your Pyre gets +80Health. 1.1.2
Fallen Champion.png
Fallen Champion
Remove the Champion from your starting deck. 1.1.2
Fast Draw.png
Fast Draw
Friendly units get Quick. 1.0.0
Final Shard.png
Final Shard
Your Pyre starts the run with Fragile and Damage Shield 2. 1.1.2
-3Ember per turn. Gain 20Ember at the beginning of each battle. Start with The Unbroken Horn. 1.0.0
Googly Eyes.png
Googly Eyes
All units have googly eyes in battle. This has no effect on gameplay, it is just for fun. This is the only mutator which can be enabled from the settings window. Players can still collect XP, master cards, and get win streaks with Googly Eyes active. 1.1.2
At the end of the turn, Descend friendly units. 1.1.2
Hashtag Blessed.png
Hashtag Blessed
Gain a random artifact after every battle. 1.0.0
Add 5 Deadweights to your starting deck. 1.0.0
Highly Reactive.png
Highly Reactive
Triggered abilities on friendly units trigger an additional time. 1.1.2
Friendly units count as all subtypes. 1.1.2
Friendly units get Heartless. 1.0.0
Junked Up.png
Junked Up
Add 8 Calcified Ember to your starting deck. 1.0.0
Enemy units get Haste. 1.1.2
Luxury in Limbo.png
Luxury in Limbo
Additional unit banners appear in Limbo. 1.1.2
Magic Hand.png
Magic Hand
Cards are not discarded at the end of turn. 1.0.0
+2Capacity on each floor. 1.0.0
Double Gold earned. 1.0.0
Moth Magic.png
Moth Magic
When a damage spell hits a unit, Ascend it. 1.0.0
Your Pyre gets Multistrike 1. 1.1.2
Musical Chairs.png
Musical Chairs
Shuffle the position of all units in the train after combat. 1.0.0
Never Say Die.png
Never Say Die
Friendly units get Endless. 1.0.0
Ninja Training.png
Ninja Training
Minor bosses enter with Stealth 5. 1.1.2
No Fluff.png
No Fluff
All cards have 1 fewer upgrade slot. 1.1.2
One Track Mind.png
One Track Mind
The path you take on the map is chosen automatically. 1.1.2
Pain Train.png
Pain Train
Enemy units enter with Spikes 1. 1.0.0
Any non-Champion unit which dies is purged from your deck. 1.0.0
Protect the Pyre.png
Protect the Pyre
Start with Boon of the Blacksmith, Precious Plating, and Pyrewall. 1.1.2
Puny Things.png
Puny Things
Friendly units start at 1Capacity. 1.1.2
Return on Investment.png
Return on Investment
Spawn an additional Collector in battles that already have a Collector. 1.1.2
Apply Fragile to the first friendly unit summoned each turn. 1.1.2
Seeing Double.png
Seeing Double
When the first friendly unit is summoned each turn, create a copy. 1.0.0
Shields Up.png
Shields Up
Enemy units enter with Damage Shield. 1.0.0
Small Hands.png
Small Hands
-2 cards per turn. 1.0.0
Starry Suffering.png
Starry Suffering
Friendly units enter with Dazed 2. 1.1.2
Strike Hard.png
Strike Hard
All units get Multistrike 1. 1.1.2
The Math Challenge.png
The Math Challenge
Room combat previews are disabled. 1.1.2
Tissue Paper.png
Tissue Paper
Apply Fragile to non-boss enemy units when they enter the Pyre Room. 1.1.2
Halve Gold earned. 1.0.0
Two for One.png
Two for One
Each time you draft a card, gain a second copy. 1.0.0
Upgraded Drafts.png
Upgraded Drafts
Cards in reward packs and unit banners come with a random upgrade. 1.1.2
Vampiric Touch.png
Vampiric Touch
All units enter with Lifesteal 3. 1.1.2
Volatile Spells.png
Volatile Spells
The targets of spells are chosen randomly. 1.1.2
Wand of Cure Light Wounds.png
Wand of Cure Light Wounds
Restore 5 health to all units after combat. 1.1.2
You must purge a card after every battle. 1.0.0
Zoom, Enhance.png
Zoom, Enhance
All cards have 1 additional upgrade slot. 1.1.2
Arduous Arcana.png
Arduous Arcana
Spells cost +1Ember. requires The Last Divinity (DLC) 2.0.0
Armchair General.png
Armchair General
Your Champion enters with Sap 10 and Heartless. requires The Last Divinity (DLC) 2.0.0
Crystal Ball.png
Crystal Ball
Start with Cheater's Hand. requires The Last Divinity (DLC) 2.0.0
Early Lead.png
Early Lead
Start with Improved Firebox and Lost Luggage. requires The Last Divinity (DLC) 2.0.0
Hero's Burden.png
Hero's Burden
Gain +15PactShards after each battle. requires The Last Divinity (DLC). This can activate The Last Divinity fight even on Covenant Rank 0. 2.0.0
If I had a Hammer.png
If I had a Hammer
Start with Heph the Blacksmith and Good Ol' Wingmaker. Heph gains Intrinsic. requires The Last Divinity (DLC) 2.0.0
Life Insurance.png
Life Insurance
Start with Golden Vault, Memorial Fund, and Rationing Scales. requires The Last Divinity (DLC) 2.0.0
My True Form.png
My True Form
Start with Mark of a Champion and Mark of an Exile. requires The Last Divinity (DLC) 2.0.0
Disable all map nodes and events that provide PactShards. requires The Last Divinity (DLC) 2.0.0
Slow and Steady.png
Slow and Steady
Friendly units enter with +10Attack and Sap 7. requires The Last Divinity (DLC). 2.0.0
Your spells gain Piercing. requires The Last Divinity (DLC) 2.0.0
The Elite.png
The Elite
Start with Hammered Chestplates, Scorched Steel, and Worn Grindstone. requires The Last Divinity (DLC) 2.0.0