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Nephil, the Wingless General is a Boss and a Winged (although born wingless) in Monster Train, that may appear on Ring 7.


Born with no wings, Nephil rose the ranks of Seraph's army and earned the position of his trusted advisor through her shrewd strategic prowess. What she lacks in flying ability she makes up for in unmatched speed with her halberd.

Battle Quotes[]

  • Stop now!
  • Oh did that hurt? Good!
  • I should've done this long ago!
  • Do not mistake your successes so far as victory.
  • You'll have to go through me to get to Seraph.
  • You Hellborne were always so crude.
  • I always knew your Covenant was a sham.
  • Wings do not make the Winged.
  • I command you to stop!
  • I'll make sure to give Seraph what's left of you.
  • I can't say I won't enjoy stopping you.
  • This will be fun.
  • Your fighting is so quaint!