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Overgorger is a Banner Unit of the Umbra Clan Umbra.png.


A seasoned collector of Antumbra Morsels to the detriment of its own well-being. I've learned to steer clear of these creatures, as each new morsel they eat is a danger to all around them.


Overgorger is a run-defining unit that can amass a large amount of Attack over the course of a run in the right deck. It can exceed 200Attack if well-fed, letting it kill any enemy in one hit and be a serious threat to bosses.

There are some obstacles you will need to overcome to achieve this, however. It is an early-game liability, especially on high Covenant Ranks, and its initial weakness coupled with its 2Ember play cost mean you may take some Pyre damage in the next couple of fights. It may be worth declining Trials in early Rings if you take Overgorger, counting on its strength later to make up for the lost value. Overgorger's Health does not scale, and it can only Gorge if it is in front, so it will be vulnerable to being killed. Sacrificing Morsels to protect it is possible, but very much not ideal. Putting it on the 3rd floor and defensive upgrades help with this. Its 3Capacity combined with its hunger for Morsels means it is quite difficult to put other fighting units with it - a Cave In and other floor-changing effects when the boss comes can help, especially if they put Overgorger behind other units, which is good because of its relative frailty. It can only eat 2 Morsels per turn on a normal 5Capacity room, so a way to increase Capacity, such as Space Prism or Seraph's Light, or ways for it to eat Morsels prior to turn end such as Feast or Shroud Spike help a lot.

On later Rings, Overgorger can be put behind other units, particularly if it has 190+Attack, as at that point it can kill any enemy, and its ability to kill bosses will largely hinge on whether it can survive long enough against them rather than further increasing its Attack. Investing in Capacity will also pay off at this point as you will very much want to duplicate Overgorger with Hellvents.

Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Unit Frenzystone.png Frenzystone doubles the potency of Overgorger, often letting it kill two heavy enemies at once late-game and making it twice as effective against bosses.
Upgrade Unit Heartstone.png Upgrade Unit Shieldstone.png Heartstone helps with Overgorger's longevity, which does not scale over the course of the game. Since Overgorger has to be in front in order to Gorge, this is quite helpful. Shieldstone has a similar benefit.
Upgrade Unit Speedstone.png Quickstone is another way to help with Overgorger's longevity once it has several Gorges under its belt, letting it kill an enemy (or two, with Frenzystone) before it gets to attack.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Overgorger.