Monster Train Wiki

For the randomized overworld mechanics, see: Rings of Hell

Unstable Vortex[]

Unstable Vortex.png

Select and remove up to 2 cards from your deck. You can remove 1 or 0 cards and come back later if needed.



Duplicate any card except your Champion.

Duplicating a unit with an essence will also give +15PactShards. Duplicating a spell with upgrades from a Divine Temple will also give PactShards: +5PactShards for each(?) left upgrade and +10PactShards(?) for each(?) right upgrade.

Unit Banner[]

Gain a Primary or Secondary clan Banner Unit from a selection of 2-3.

Two unit banners cannot appear on the same side. The same type of unit banner cannot appear on both sides of the Rail.

Herzal's Hoard[]

Herzal's Hoard.png

Gain an artifact. Can be declined (Skip) for +25Gold.

Forgotten Boons[]

Forgotten Boons.png

Gain 75Gold.

Pyre Remains[]

Pyre Remains.png

Restore 20 Pyre health.

Dark Forge[]

Dark Forge.png

Main: Champions

Upgrade your Champion. You can upgrade your Champion from a choice of 2 out of 3 upgrade paths that get randomly picked at every forge. The upgrades you pick are guaranteed to appear in later forges, which means you'll be locked out of getting all 3 upgrades on your Champion in any given run.


See: Merchants

Two merchants cannot appear on the same side. The same type of merchant cannot appear on both sides of the Rail.

Merchant of Steel.pngMerchant of Magic.pngMerchant of Trinkets.png

Concealed Caverns[]

Concealed Caverns.png

See: Concealed Caverns

Divine Temple[]

Divine Temple.png

See: Divine Temple

(DLC Exclusive)

Accept shards in exchange for upgrading spells or combining units.

Here, you may take to left upgrade for +10PactShards, take the right upgrade for +15PactShards, or engage the Pact for +25PactShards.

Divine Boons[]

Divine Boons.png

(DLC Exclusive)

Gain 100Gold for 10PactShards.

Divine Hoard[]

Divine Hoard.png

(DLC Exclusive)

Gain an artifact for 15PactShards.

You may choose from 3 Artifacts, or skip for +25Gold