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TheLastDivinity This article, Pact Shards, is content only available with The Last Divinity, DLC.

Pact Shards (PactShards) is a new mechanic introduced in The Last Divinity (DLC).

Pact Shards can be collected in DLC exclusive overworld events, primarily Divine Temples. They can also be obtained via Divine Boons, Divine Hoards, and certain other special events. Outside standard runs, there are Mutators that add shards.

The more Pact Shards you collect, the harder the enemies you face will be. Collect 100 before the end of the run to unlock a final battle.

As you gain more Shards, more enemies before the boss will be upgraded, and the boss itself will grow stronger. This includes bonus Attack, Health, Status Effects, and abilities.

Sources of Pact Shards[]

Overworld Events[]

Limbo will have either Divine Boons or a Divine Hoard. Subsequent rings will randomly contain either a Divine Temple, Divine Boons, or a Divine Hoard.

If a player hoping to fight The Last Divinity reaches Ring 8 and realizes they will be unable to reach 100 Pact Shards using the Divine Event in that ring, they may consider choosing the path that contains the Hellvent and duplicating either a unit infused with an essence or a spell upgraded with Divine Temple spell upgrades in order to make up the difference.

Name Location Benefit PactShards Added
Engage Pact Divine Temple Infuse the essence of one unit into another 25PactShards
Left Spell Upgrade Divine Temple One of the following choices:
  • Upgrade Spell Seekstone.png Seekstone: Intrinsic
  • Upgrade Spell Truestone.png Truestone: +10 magic Power and Piercing
  • Upgrade Spell Purgestone.png Purgestone: Purge and -1Ember.
Right Spell Upgrade Divine Temple One of the following choices:
  • Upgrade Spell Twinstone.png Twinstone: Spellchain
  • Upgrade Spell Valuestone.png Valuestone: -2Ember
  • Upgrade Spell Extremestone.png Extremestone: +30 Magic Power
Divine Boons Divine Boons Gain 100Gold 10PactShards
Divine Hoard Divine Hoard Gain an Artifact from a choice of 3. The player may choose not to take any of the displayed artifacts and receive 25Gold instead. The shards will be selected if the Divine Hoard is opened whether or not an artifact is taken. 15PactShards
Duplicating a Unit imbued with an Essence Hellvent The Hellvent functions as normal aside from granting Pact Shards.
Duplicating a Spell with a Divine Temple Upgrade Hellvent The Hellvent functions as normal aside from granting Pact Shards.

The cost is increased for each Divine Temple upgrade the card has, so duplicating a spell upgraded with two Extremestones will add a total of 20PactShards

5PactShards per left upgrade
10PactShards per right upgrade


Duplicating a unit using the Fissure Concealed Caverns event will not add any Pact Shards, however the ability to purchase duplicates from the shop (enabled by the Buying Power.png Buying Power Mutator) will.


The Hero's Burden Mutator adds +15PactShards after each battle.

In addition to the normal sources, there is a Concealed Caverns event that can occur in Ring 3 in which Malicka will offer to allow the player to heal their Pyre in exchange for 5PactShards.

If this event appears, Malicka will appear again after every two fights to offer to restore your Pyre, generally at the rate of 5PactShards per 10Pyre Health restored, each event offering more than the last. If this event is encountered, Malicka will continue to appear regardless of whether the player ever heals this way.


  • Concealed Caverns in Ring 3: Restore 10Pyre Health for 5PactShards
  • After the Ring 5 fight: Restore 20Pyre Health for 10PactShards
  • After the Ring 7 fight: Restore 30Pyre Health for 15PactShards
  • 100PactShards or more: After the Seraph fight: Restore All Pyre Health for 20PactShards

Shard Costs[]

Every Enemy has Shard Costs, or Shard Upgrade Costs, associated with it. Each Battle, random enemies are upgraded to their ★ Version until the spent Costs approach the available Shards the player has taken.

Some additional rules that are worth noting:

  • Enemies contained within a boss wave are excluded from shard upgrades. Flying bosses are not a part of any wave, and the waves containing the minibosses in the Last Divinity fight do not count for the purposes of this rule.
  • As enemy pact shard upgrades are determined at the start of combat, Lightwings spawned by Seraph and other such units will never be upgraded to their pact sharded variants.
  • Due to the way the list which controls the order in which enemies will be upgraded is constructed, the game attempts to upgrade one unit per each wave per iteration, resulting in a generally even distribution of pact sharded units across the waves. Anomalies can occur if there are not enough pact shards to upgrade a heavy unit, but enough left over upgrade a support unit in a later wave.

Table of Enemy Shard Costs

Enemy Pact Shards Description Type Ring Cov 1 Cov 25 Pact Shards Cost
Pact Shards Attack Pact Shards Health Pact Shards Attack Pact Shards Health
Apprentice of Light.png
Apprentice of Light
Damage Shield 1.
Slay: Gain Damage Shield.
Heavy 1/2/3 6 65 6 70 25
Disciple Protector.png
Disciple Protector
Spikes 1. Armor 40. Heavy 1/2/3 - - 0 30 20
Forged Disciple.png
Forged Disciple
Sweep. Heavy 1/2/3 4 70 4 75 22
Overcharged Apprentice.png
Overcharged Apprentice
Armor 20.
Incant: +2Attack
Heavy 1/2/3 3 50 3 55 25
Light Harnesser.png
Light Harnesser
Regen 10.
Resolve: Gain +3Attack.
Heavy 4 - - 8 70 17
Clipped Defender.png
Clipped Defender
Armor 80. Thorns 2. Heavy 4/5/6 - - 0 60 20
Clipped Guardian.png
Clipped Guardian
Resolve: Gain +1Attack. Heavy 4/5/6 8 170 9 180 22
Clipped Reflector.png
Clipped Reflector
Summon: Apply Spell Shield 1 to their units.
Incant: Gain Armor 10.
Heavy 4/5/6 6 140 7 150 22
Master of Light.png
Master of Light
Slay: Gain Rage 2.
Heavy 4/5/6 5 150 6 160 25
Overcharged Tank.png
Overcharged Tank
Harvest: Apply Armor 10 to their units. Heavy 4/5/6 10 150 11 160 25
Harvest: Apply Armor 15 to their units. Heavy 7/8 15 230 16 240 20
Gilded Wing.png
Gilded Wing
Rage 3. Heavy 7/8 8 260 10 290 18
Regen 20. Sweep.
Strike: Apply Emberdrain 1 to the attacked unit.
Heavy 7/8 4 210 6 240 20
Spikes 3. Armor 130. Heavy 7/8 - - 0 100 16
Multistrike 1. Rage 2. Support 1/2/3 - - 3x2 5 10
Discipled Footsoldier.png
Discipled Footsoldier
Multistrike 1. Support 1/2/3 8x2 5 9x2 5 14
Trusted Priest.png
Trusted Priest
Spell Shield 1.
Recover: Restore 10 health to friendly units after combat. Extinguish: Deal 5 damage to your front unit.
Support 1/2/3/4 - - 0 10 12
Conduit Redirector.png
Conduit Redirector
Spell Shield 1. Spikes 3.
Enchant: Grant Spikes 3.
Support 2 - - 5 10 14
Strike: Apply Sap 3 to the attacked unit.
Resolve: Add a Sinner's Burden card to the top of your draw pile.
Support 2 - - 3 10 17
Conduit Infiltrator.png
Conduit Infiltrator
Damage Shield 1. Haste.
Enchant: Grant Haste.
Support 2/3 - - 5 2 14
Clipped Conduit.png
Clipped Conduit
Damage Shield 1. Haste.
Enchant: Grant Haste.
Support 4 - - 10 5 14
Clipped Shaman.png
Clipped Shaman
Spell Shield 1.
Recover: Restore 20 health to friendly units after combat.
Extinguish: deal 5 damage to your front unit.
Support 4/5 - - 0 20 12
Strike: Apply Sap 4 to the attacked unit.
Resolve: Add a Weight of Contrition card to the top of your draw pile.
Support 4/5/6 - - 6 20 17
Quill Marksman.png
Quill Marksman
Multistrike 1. Support 4/5/6 12x2 10 15x2 10 14
Extinguish: Give +2Attack to all friendly units. Support 4/5/6 - - 12 10 10
Silent Marksman.png
Silent Marksman
Stealth 2. Support 5 22 15 25 15 17
Multistrike 1. Support 7/8 20x2 15 25x2 15 10
Strike: Apply Sap 5 to the attacked unit.
Resolve: Add a Self-Mutilation card to the top of your draw pile.
Support 7/8 - - 9 30 14
Multistrike 2.
Slay: +5Attack and restore 20 health.
Support 7/8 10x3 25 15x3 25 14
Extinguish: Deal 10 damage to the front enemy unit. Support 7/8 - - 20 15 12
Winged Conduit.png
Winged Conduit
Stealth 2. Multistrike 1.
Enchant: Grant Multistrike 1.
Support 7/8 - - 5x2 20 14


For Strategies related to Threat Levels, see Threats

Before each Battle you will see a Threat Level indicator Threat BG.png, which is filled with Threat Icons Threat.png. This indicator shows a the Threat Level in 5 stages, ranging from 0 to 4 Threat.png:

  • None
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Extreme

This Threat Level is only an indication for the player of what challenge to expect from the Battle and has no direct influence on the difficulty.

Reasons to take Pact Shards[]

There are several reasons to take Pact Shards. The reason to take a given amount of Pact Shards may indicate when in a run and how many Pact Shards to take.

  • Increasing Chance of Winning:

The Benefit of taken Pact Shards can sometimes outweigh the negatives. Infusing of a unit to build an incredibly strong synergy, upgrading a spell your strategy centers around to carry your run or even allow for an infinite falls into this category. When Multistrike is important for the run and available in the shop, but the money can only be obtained by the Divine Boons, the added benefit often far outweighs the penalty of the added difficulty. One key thing to remember is that some champions perform better in lower amounts of Pact Shards, Champions like Tethys Titansbane who has a very low health total and thus gets punished much harder by added sweepers or spikes or Champions with rough stat boni but no inherent scaling, such as Burnbright Rector Flicker or Monstrous Penumbra benefit from playing a game with low amounts of Pact Shards. Fire Light Little Fade on the other hand benefits a lot when you are able to increase the strength of units with infusions and can copy them, while not being particularly negatively effected by higher amounts of Pact Shards.

  • Unlocking The Last Divinity:

Fighting an extra boss at the end of a run can seem like a negative, but fighting The Last Divinity allows for several Unlocks, such as the Divinity Stamp on cards and many Logbook entries. When aiming to fight The Last Divinity for these unlocks, it is crucial to plan the run ahead to get to 100 shards, thus taking artifacts and coins from the Divine Boon can seem like a good choice to reach 100 Pact Shards. It is important to note that dying to The Last Divinity also negates unlocks you would have gotten by defeating Seraph.

  • Increasing Score:

A run that fights the Last Divinity has a much higher Score threshold than a run that doesn't fight the Last Divinity and a higher number of Shards can help increase the Score even further, however added difficulty might also penalize score, either by making flying kills harder or by resulting in increased Pyre damage. These things have to be considered when increasing Pact Shard amount rapidly. It does not matter when the Pact Shards were taken, so taking Pact Shards in a later point in a run can be helpful.

  • Event Unlocks:

Two Artifacts, Blank Pages and Shard of Divinity, can only be obtained in an Event before the Last Divinity when having 150 Pact Shards.