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Plink is an Umbra Clan Umbra.png Card in the Exile Crown2.png Starter Deck. You begin with 3-5 of them depending on your Covenant Rank.


The Primordium does not speak through words but through floods of feeling. The bounds of its mind seem endless. It’s no wonder that the ultimate split of the Primordium created a varying number of personalities, not the least of which are my friendly Morsels.


Plink is a strong early card in fights where there are lots of 1Health enemies, frequently killing 2 enemies and generating 2 morsels against waves of Clergymen. However, 1Health enemies are not common past Ring 4, and not all battles before that will have many good targets for this spell. Taking the Armor Emblem trial will make Plink a lot less effective as well, often even if it is upgraded. On the other hand, Plink is quite effective on early turns if Mark of Invasion is taken.

Without either a Surgestone, Powerstone, or some other source of Magic Power, this spell is therefore a high purge priority.

Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Spell Surgestone.png Surgestone is effective on Plink, giving it 21 damage and allowing it to continue having a chance of killing backline enemies and generating morsels. Consume is useful to remove this card from further showing up in the deck in favor of better cards.
Upgrade Spell Powerstone.png Powerstone is also an option on Plink, giving it 11 power and allowing it to continue having a chance of killing backliners and generating morsels. It can be better than Surgestone if you'd rather Plink not to consume on use.
Upgrade Spell Spell Railspike.png Purging is a good way to remove weak starter spells.


See: Version History

In Dev streams, Plink was revealed as a 1 damage to all enemies card with the same slay effect, but was nerfed before introduction in Friends and Foes.

Version Changes
1.2.5 Added Plink.