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Primordium is the Exiled Champion Crown2.png of the Umbra Clan Umbra.png.


I can feel the end of my days loom near as these visions become more frequent and more confusing. It seems even the Umbra Shroud has origins beyond my prior knowledge. This Primordial shadow rumbles with the weight of the entire Shroud under its cloak. But what happened to this ancient creature?

Battle Quotes[]

  • ....sharrrrdtail...
  • ...sooooolgaaaaard...
  • ...wyldennnnntennnnn...
  • ...faaaaaaadeeee...
  • ...taaaaalooooos...
  • ...aaaaaarchusssss...
  • ...we...the...exilessssss...
  • ...protect...sacrifice...failllllll...
  • ...failllll...
  • ...stuck...loop...
  • ...we...are...sssshhhhhhadooooow...
  • ...we...are...oneeee...
  • ...die...
  • ...DIE...


Upgrade I.png Upgrade II.png Upgrade III.png
Superfood +7Health

Eaten: Add this unit's Attack, Health, and status effects to the eater.


Damage Shield 2.

Eaten: Add this unit's Attack, Health, and status effects to the eater.


Damage Shield 4.

Eaten: Add this unit's Attack, Health, and status effects to the eater.

Aggressive Edible +7Attack +17Attack +37Attack
Stalwart Snack Buffet 5. Buffet 8. Buffet 12.


When Primordium passes on its stats, it does not include any temporary modifications from buffs such as Rage or debuffs such as Sap (though the status effects themselves can be passed on with the Superfood upgrade.) Also, Primordium passes on its maximum Health regardless of any damage it has taken.

As Primordium is not a Morsel, Shroud Spike cannot target it. Feast works on Primordium as normal.


When using this upgrade path, remember to apply buffs to Primordium itself rather than the unit that's eating it, since the same buffs can be applied multiple times thanks to buffet. This upgrade path is optimal for builds that make heavy use of Rage or Damage Shield, and when allied with the Melting Remnant, it can even extent Burnout, making Primordium a good target for Wicklash. Level 2 and 3 add extra Damage Shield, which will be passed along to the eater, granting them a massive stack of the buff over its lifetime.

Be warned; this will also pass along any debuffs that Primordium has. This can easily end up stacking Emberdrained caused by several of the clan's card. In particular this path should be avoided when up against Seraph the Temperant, as the sap debuff will stack into the near hundreds, utterly debilitating the eater.

Aggressive Edible[]

The simple attack gain will also be applied to the creature eating Primordium, which will greatly increase the snowballing potential of the target, especially if it has multistrike. This also lets the champion itself take out smaller units, or simply help finish off targets

Stalwart Snack[]

This path is extremely self explanatory, as more stacks of buffet will extend the duration of Primodium's buffs and the power gain on the target, working well with both other upgrade paths. Keep in mind that without Feast, level 3 is mostly redundant as no battle will last long enough for it to matter, baring a prolonged fight with the boss.


See: Version History

As with all other exiled Champions, Primordium was added with the Friends and Foes Update.

Version Changes
1.2.5 Added Primordium.
1.2.6 updated Primordium's face in clan select to improve visual quality.