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TheLastDivinity This article, Rationing Scales, is content only available with The Last Divinity, DLC.

Rationing Scales is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


By the time you read this, I hope that Hell, or what remains of it, remains a united front against their invaders. But this was not always the case. The destruction of Divinities had left souls to wander endlessly and the absence of Judgement meant that all realms felt the effects of overcrowding and resource shortages. In some ways, this time before the war was even more trying than the ensuing violence.


Rationing Scales sets your Pyre Health to 50Pyre Health as you start a Battle, giving you 3Gold for each Pyre Health lost if your Pyre health is above 50.

Rationing Scales can serve several functions:

  • 1) to heal your Pyre after it takes damage in battles
  • 2) to replace your Pyre heals with Gold gains.
  • 3) to help increasing your score.

Function 1) is useful at the beginning of a run if your starting deck is weak, allowing you to focus on the Boss and not have to worry about steady health loss from leaked enemies. If offered Rationing Scales early in a run, take it if you need it to survive the first few Rings. Do be mindful that Rationing Scales should become obsolete by the end of the run if you use it for this, as otherwise you will find that later Rings will have no problem dealing 50 damage to your Pyre, especially in The Last Divinity (DLC) with Pact Shards.

Function 2) is usually fairly low-impact (and whether it helps or hurts is debatable) - it means that taking Pyre Remains gives you 60Gold instead of gaining 20Pyre Health, and 90Gold after Major bosses instead of gaining 30Pyre Health.

However, with a few specific supports, it is possible for Rationing Scales to amass significant amounts of Gold. If you have Refracting Lenses and lots of Consume cards, or a Bone Dog's Favor with Permafrost, or a spell upgraded with one variant of the Heaven's Finest upgrade with Permafrost, you can potentially heal your Pyre up to fullPyre Health every battle and gain a significant amount of Gold.

Function 3) is to use the artifact to gain money that helps a player in ultimately raising their score. As pyre damage only reduced score within a fight, the lost pyre health does not reduce score, however the increased money gained can help collecting score, either by buying upgrades that help to kill bosses faster, such as in a flying phase or by being available until the end adding score.

This is fairly rare, however, so overall this Artifact is most likely to be useful for early-game support when needed, and should usually be skipped in other situations.


See: Version History

In the public Beta, Rationing Scales used to set Pyre health to 40.

Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Rationing Scales.