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Refracting Lenses is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


My failed attempt at refocusing the light of the Pyre to better fuel the Boneshaker. It wasn’t entirely a waste of time though, as the lens was able to refract that energy back onto the Pyre itself.


Refracting Lenses restores 5Pyre Health whenever a card with Consume is played.

How valuable Refracting Lenses is depends on how many Consume cards you have - in most cases, this is worth 5Pyre Health per Battle, per card. If you're struggling early but have even 2 or 3 cards with Consume, this can help you survive the early game.

As a run goes on, you often get more Consume cards, increasing the amount of healing that Refracting Lenses provides. It's feasible to reach full health with it, even on Covenant 24+ where you start at 40Pyre Health, which can give you a little bit of buffer room later in the game. If you have an abundance of Consume cards (as the Wurmkin clan in particular does well), it's possible to depend on Refracting Lenses as your solution to Heavy-class enemies, simply letting them reach the Pyre and then using this to heal off the damage, provided you can take care of the Boss with strategies that work well against Relentless. This is much less viable if you take Pyre Shards in The Last Divinity (DLC), both because Pact Shard-enhanced enemies deal a lot of damage to the Pyre, and because in The Last Divinity fight, two non-relentless minor bosses appear, and they can easily kill your Pyre from full health.

If you have Rationing Scales (DLC only), you can turn the Pyre Health this gives you into Gold in each combat, which in Consume-heavy decks can allow it to produce a lot more value.

Overall, Refracting Lenses is at its best if you need health early and have Consume cards, and tends to be a low-to-medium impact Artifact otherwise, though it can sometimes be part of your strategy if Pact Shards aren't part of the picture.


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Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Refracting Lenses.