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Retch is an Umbra Clan Umbra.png Card in Monster Train.


Even the Shroud knows little restraint, sometimes consuming Morsels when, as far as I can tell, no hunger remains. This compulsion, unfortunately, can lead to… ”involuntary expulsion.”


When played, Retch returns all units from the player's eaten pool to their hand. If this would cause the player's hand to exceed 10 cards, excess cards are shuffled into the player's deck.

Retch does not return units from the dead/consumed pool, only the eaten one. Players who wish to use Retch should consider sacrificing unwanted Morsels to block attacks, rather than allowing them to be eaten, so that Retch will retrieve only high-quality Morsels.

Retch allows the player to replay a fully consumed Primordium, making it a very powerful card in many Exiled Umbra builds.

Suggested Upgrades[]


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Retch.
1.2.5 any unit that was Eaten now goes to a new Eaten card pile. Reform deals with dead units in the Consume pile and does not Reform from the Eaten pile. Retch pulls from the Eaten pile.