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Scorching Restraints is an Artifact of the Hellhorned Clan Hellhorned.png in Monster Train.


For the Hellhorned that are considered too violent by their own clan's standards, imprisonment is a cruel affair. Subjected to rot in chains sunk directly into the bubbling lava below, the prisoners are burned by the molten steel that binds them... and the scorching heat only enrages them further.


Scorching Restraints provides 3 Rage to all units when they are played, effectively giving them +6Attack at the start of battle.

This is roughly on par with a Worn Grindstone initially, being useful for an initial power boost to help with early waves. Because of Rage's decay, the boost wears off over time, though the initial damage is very nice. In a run that regularly applies Rage to all its units, this can functionally be a permanent +6Attack boost as Rage will decay anyway.

Scorching Restraints has the same drawback that Worn Grindstone has with respect to units with 0Attack and low Health, making them susceptible to Spikes when the previously weren't, though no Hellhorned units care about this.

It also interacts with Resonant Shard and Deranged Brute as they increase the effectiveness of the Rage, Collection of Tails as it makes the Rage permanent, and Last Stand as it doubles the Rage this provides.

Scorching Restraints is a medium-impact Artifact overall that gets somewhat better with Rage effects.


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Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Scorching Restraints.