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Seraph is the Final Boss in Monster Train. He will spawn 1 Lightwing every round.

He is featured in the following Ring 8 combats:

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Breaker of the Covenant. Invader of Hell. Once a savior of Hell and guardian of Heaven, he worked with me to build the Rail. Now he's worse a monster than I ever could have imagined.

Battle Quotes[]

  • This will all be over soon.
  • Our peace will be forged on your defeat!
  • I can't lose her again...
  • You are no better than us, Hellborne. But we can't exist together anymore.
  • You will break just like the Rail!
  • Return to the ashes!
  • Hell will not be remembered!
  • The Boneshaker will soon be just ash and steel!
  • Invading Hell was necessary for peace.
  • I've only done what Herzal couldn't.
  • Without Hell, we can finally have peace!
  • You and your kind are truly evil, and evil must be destroyed.
  • Hell has no hope left!
  • I had to act or everything would have been lost!
  • This is Herzal and Fel's fault! Not mine!
  • Heaven is all that will remain.
  • How could I let you ruin everything I built?
  • Herzal was a friend. It's a shame what we had to do to him...
  • Here I was beginning to think this was a REAL fight.
  • End this charade and admit defeat!
  • You believe me to be the Traitor? LIES!
  • Did you really think we could co-exist peacefully?
  • The Covenant was flawed from the start.
  • Can't you see that I'm right?
  • Without the Rail, there will finally be peace.
  • The Covenant is no more!
  • This is all too easy!
  • This could all have been avoided had Herzal not betrayed me.
  • I've been waiting for you.
  • You made it farther than I expected!
  • If you've truly defeated her, then there is nothing left... ?
  • So you defeated The Professor? What a shame.
  • And now you come to me.
  • So the Boneshaker returns!
  • Your arrival makes my victory that much easier.
  • It's been some time.