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For the major boss, see: Seraph

"The end is near. This incarnation of Hell's greatest foe has the power to cleanse all units of effects which don't benefit Seraph. This fight will require more than sheer strength."
— Combat Description

Seraph the Chaste is a boss combat that can appear in Ring 8.

In this combat, Seraph will halve all of your buffs and debuffs on a floor, every turn. The combat also features Pyrewings to drain your Ember.

Like all Seraph combats, Seraph places a Lightwings on the train every turn.

Wave Enemies (Cov 0-2) Enemies (Cov 3-25)
1 Darkwings | Lightwings Darkwings | Lightwings | Lightwings
2 Pyrewings | Lightwings | Lightwings Pyrewings | Lightwings | Lightwings
3 Gilded Wing | Lightwings | Lightwings Gilded Wing | Gilded Wing | Lightwings
4 Pyrewings | Gilded Wing Pyrewings | Gilded Wing
5 Gilded Wing | Gilded Wing | Lightwings Gilded Wing | Gilded Wing | Lightwings
6 Gilded Wing | Lightwings Pyrewings | Gilded Wing | Lightwings
7 Steelwings | Gilded Wing | Lightwings Steelwings | Gilded Wing | Lightwings
8 Gilded Wing | Lightwings | Seraph Gilded Wing | Lightwings | Seraph


  • While buffs and debuffs are discouraged by this combat, it is still entirely possible to beat this combat with a buff/debuff based build.
    • If maintaining buffs/debuffs is important to your strategy, focus hard on applying them to maintain their numbers for as long as possible. With buffs and debuffs in this combat, one should be either all or nothing.
  • Seraph will no longer cleanse when he enters Relentless. You can use this to your advantage, by not playing your best buff cards until then.
  • Pyrewings can be neutered with Sap, Dazed, or Stealth. Otherwise, prepare to have enough damage to kill them before they reach your units, or prepare to handle the Emberdrain.
  • Do not rely too hard on debuff-based Artifacts like Light's Gift or Rootsplit Mask, as Seraph can cleanse the debuffs away.


  • Like all Seraph combats, a Steelwings appears on the 2nd to final wave.