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"The end is near. The Traitor has grown impatient, joining the fight immediately and gaining strength with every move you make."
— Combat Description

Seraph the Patient is a boss combat that can appear in Ring 8.

In this combat, Seraph applies Melee Weakness to one of your frontmost units every turn, and attacks before he enters Relentless. It also features many high damaging Shadewings.

Unlike other Seraph combats, Seraph has 20Attack, but no Multistrike. However, he has both a Rally and Incant Trigger to increase his attack, allowing him to potentially deal much greater damage. More precisely, he gains +1Attack upon Incant and +3Attack upon Rally.

Like all Seraph combats, Seraph places a Lightwings on the train every turn.

Wave Enemies (Cov 0-2) Enemies (Cov 3-25)
1 Shadewings Shadewings
2 Shadewings Shadewings | Shadewings
3 Gilded Wing Gilded Wing | Shadewings
4 Gilded Wing | Gilded Wing Gilded Wing | Gilded Wing
5 Shadewings Gilded Wing | Shadewings
6 Gilded Wing | Shadewings Gilded Wing | Shadewings
7 Steelwings | Gilded Wing | Shadewings Steelwings | Gilded Wing | Shadewings
8 Gilded Wing | Shadewings | Seraph Gilded Wing | Shadewings | Seraph


  • Unnamed Tome can be used on Seraph to prevent his attack from increasing, taming the combat significantly.
  • Besides Silence, applying Damage Shields or Stealth on units, blocking with units such as imps or reforming units, dazing, ascending or descending Seraph are considered good ways to counter Seraph the Patient.
  • It is generally a good idea to play on multiple floors. This makes it easier to avoid giving Seraph more attack.
    • Your secondary floor does not have to be much; it only needs to survive enough to bait Seraph's Melee Weakness and floor position once or twice.
  • Compared to other Seraph combats, this combat does not have as many units in its waves. This is in exchange for Seraph himself being a more active threat.


  • Like all Seraph combats, a Steelwings appears on the 2nd to final wave.