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Shard of Divinity is an Artifact in Monster Train that can be found in the Concealed Caverns.


When the Divinities come back, and they will, you must accept the Pact they put forth. It will make things harder. It may make time act...strange. But each Shard given out of their gratitude is a piece of Divinity itself and will offer some protection. This will buy you time, and that’s all it seems I am fit to provide anymore. But, perhaps, that will be enough.




See: Version History

In the public Beta before release of The Last Divinity (DLC), Shard of Divinity used to be an artifact that is always gotten when facing The Last Divinity. However, The Last Divinity used to attack the pyre every round as well.

Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Shard of Divinity.