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Shattered Shell is a Banner Unit of the Awoken Clan Awoken.png.


When Husk Hermits grow too large for their already restrictive shell, they keep the shattered steel pieces for offensive use. Against my wishes, the Channelers have hoarded Pyre shards to further enhance the power of these creatures.


Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Unit Speedstone.png Speedstone is effective on units like Shattered Shell because it has Sweep and so it can kill the lower health enemy units on the floor before they have a chance to attack, helping your monsters on this floor survive more easily. This pairs well with Strengthstone.
Upgrade Unit Strengthstone.png Strengthstone is effective on Shattered Shell because it has 3Attack, whereas on Ring 7 and onward enemies in the back ranks of the floor typically have more than 3Health. Without this upgrade, it will be difficult for Shattered Shell to increase its attack, making it a lot less effective.
Upgrade Unit Battlestone.png Upgrade Unit Largestone.png Battlestone and Largestone can often be better than Strengthstone on Shattered Shell because it also allows Shattered Shell to kill most backline enemies even past Ring 7 while also giving it additional survivability against enemies with Sweep or Spikes (however, Shattered Shell will still die fairly quickly if Retribution is active).
Upgrade Unit Frenzystone.png Frenzystone is effective on Shattered Shell, allowing its damage to snowball twice as fast, while also allowing it to kill most Ring 7 backline enemies from the start.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Shattered Shell.