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Sinner's Salve is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


Collaboration between the Rings of Hell was rare, but the few that did occur produced wondrous results. Water from the Stygian Sea blessed by the Channelers of the Wildwood created a solution capable of soothing the pains of Heaven’s wretched sinner contraptions. However, this was used only a handful of times. Those contraptions rarely had survivors...


Sinner's Salve makes Blights and Scourges cost 0Ember, making it easier to get them out of your hand and deck, and preventing them from damaging your Pyre.

Sinner's Salve is obviously a situational Artifact, as it has no effect if you have no Scourges or Blights. Note that while it lessens the pain of enemies like Purifier that add Scourges to your deck when they ascend your train, it does not completely eliminate it - you still lose out on a card draw when they add these to your deck, so this is not a perfect solution to them for runs that like to set up on higher floors.

Sinner's Salve is extremely useful in decks that heavily rely on Emberdrain, but do not have consistent Ember Generation, as otherwise when Blights or Scourges are in your hand and Emberdrain takes away your Ember, you will be forced to take Pyre damage to the Blights/Scourges.

Sinner's Salve is at its best when your deck contains playable Blights like Dante's Candle and Vengeful Shard, either because of Concealed Caverns events or Mutators. It is also worth considering if Fel, the Wings of Light: Scouring Crest is coming up, as that is the fight where it helps the most, nullifying The Ultimate Penance's otherwise painful 2Ember cost. Otherwise, it is a fairly low impact Artifact overall.


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Version Changes
2.0.0 Added Sinner's Salve.