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Sketches of Salvation is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


There was little time to act after Seraph’s invasion, but there was just enough for me to design a way to protect what would remain of the Pyre after its inevitable destruction.


Sketches of Salvation very much alters the course of a run when obtained, for better or for worse. It gets you off to a fast start in a fight, playing units without spending Ember or drawing cards to play them, and gives you an easy way to Overstack your second floor, but also gives you no control over the arrangement of those units, or even what units are played on the 2nd floor.

It is often worth skipping if offered, even for 25 Gold if in a Trial, as its effect can be very detrimental for certain decks.

If you take Sketches of Salvation, your deck should consider how to handle these problems:

  • The random order means that frail units like Lodestone Totem may be put in front, jeopardizing their safety.
  • You may not have enough units for the 1st or 3rd floor when the situation calls for it. (Beware Haste in particular)
  • You have no control over which units are played; it may play Train Steward, Imps, or a key support unit. (One way to address this is to have exactly 4 non-Champion units.)
  • Your Champion will never be played by this, so they may be separated from your other units - often you will be unable to reliably pair them with a particular other unit.

Effects that change unit positioning like Hidden Passage, March of Shields, Vine Grasp, or Dripfall help address many of these problems.

Decks that build around Sketches of Salvation can be powerful if they address these issues because of the sheer card and Ember advantage it provides (especially if units with difficult play requirements like Shadowsiege are played using it), so consider carefully if the benefits are worth the risks.

Additional Information[]

This will never summon your Champion to the middle floor, even if your deck has 3 or less Unit cards in it.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Sketches of Salvation.