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Spike of the Stygian is a Stygian Guard Clan Stygian Guard.png Card and a Railspike in Monster Train.


The Stygian Guard was formed with our Rail of the Covenant, created by Tethys to protect the sealed Unnamed Titan. The Guard was wary of our Covenant from the beginning, worried that it would make the Pyre vulnerable to outside attacks. Unfortunately, they were correct.


Spike of the Stygian usually struggles to have much of an impact on its own - even if 3Ember is spent on it, 3 Sap and 15 Frostbite is not the strongest effect you can get for that cost. Spike of the Stygian is at its best as a win condition against bosses for decks that are able to generate more Ember. Sap becomes more and more powerful the more stacks you apply, eventually giving your units an entire extra turn against a boss per stack, and Frostbite also gets stronger with each additional stack.

However, the Stygian Guard does not have spells or units that increase your Ember. As such, Spike of the Stygian is dependent on cross-clan synergies and Artifacts to be able to generate a large amount of Ember. It's not a commonly good card, but it can be really strong in some circumstances.

Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Spell Stackstone.png Stackstone is a strong upgrade for Spike of the Stygian in the right deck - as mentioned before, this card should only be drafted when you can play it with a large values for X Cost. Almost doubling the Sap and Frostbite is therefore very strong.
Upgrade Spell Freezestone.png Freezestone is a strong upgrade for Spike of the Stygian in the right deck - as mentioned before, this card is at its best when used against bosses, and Freezestone lets you draw it only once and always have it at the right time (though if you have random discard cards like Forgone Power that you play, this is less good).
Upgrade Spell Emberstone.png Emberstone is a solid upgrade for Spike of the Stygian, adding 1 more Sap and 5 Frostbite.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Spike of the Stygian.