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Spikedriver Colony is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Card in Monster Train.

Obtained from the Heph the Blacksmith Concealed Caverns event.

After getting 4 or more copies of the card in your deck, Heph comes back to give them +20Attack and removes the Extinguish.


I knew I couldn't rely on anyone to build the rail for me, so I set off to do it myself, creating automatic creatures to drive rail spikes into the ground and lay the track that would later be broken.


Make sure to upgrade them before playing them as any purchased upgrades from the shop are copied when it's extinguished. Let them die on purpose. As they are 1Capacity units with Multistrike, it can be good to upgrade their initial 1x2Attack value and putting them behind a tank or distribute them among several floors.

Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Unit Speedstone.pngUpgrade Unit Frenzystone.png A supplementstone like Speedstone or Frenzystone are effective on Spikedriver Colony.
Upgrade Unit Immortalstone.pngUpgrade Unit Wickstone.png When using Spikedriver Colony as blockers or in a reform deck, Immortalstone and Wick can be good upgrades.
Upgrade Unit Largestone.png Largestone is effective on Spikedriver Colony. This way they duplicate into four 2Capacity , 36x2Attack , 41Health. With an additional upgrade this is great for their own floor or as medium supports with other units. Note that this might make it harder to kill them initially.
Upgrade Unit Strengthstone.png As Spikedriver Colony has Multistrike, extra attack is particularly useful on them.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Spikedriver Colony.
1.1.2 Train Stewards now have their own subtype to fix interaction with Advanced Prototype and Spikedriver Colony.