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Split Anvil is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


After completing the Rail, I destroyed the anvil I used to create all the Railspikes as a symbolic ending to this endeavor.


Split Anvil, after playing a spell, reduces the cost of all spells in hand that cost less than the Ember spent on that spell to 0Ember for the turn.

Split Anvil's effect sounds strong, and it can be, but first consider its limitations:

  • You needs a spell that costs 2Ember or more for it to do anything
  • It does not apply to Unit cards, which are often what you are playing on early turns. If you spend all your Ember on a spell, you will not be able to play units in hand (unless they cost 0Ember)

Note that X Cost-Cost spells cannot benefit from other spells cast before it, but other spells can benefit from them, as they are considered to cost Ember equal to the Ember spent.

To make the most out of Split Anvil, you will want

  • lots of card draw to apply 0Ember to as many spells as possible (so you will generally want Herzal's Compound after Major bosses)
  • a way to consistently have access to an expensive or X Cost-Cost spell (but having multiple expensive spells at the same cost does not help)
  • a way to play units as well on early turns, or the ability to tolerate a slow start because you're playing units on the first few turns

Volatile Gauge pairs insanely well with this Artifact, as it checks the first two points very reliably. Forever Flame is also an excellent partner, making most units cost 0Ember and mostly eliminating the tension between playing units and playing expensive spells. Hell's Banners is a solid partner for similar reasons, provided you can play 2 units on early turns. Applying Holdover on an expensive spell works too, though be mindful that if you draw it and units in the same hand, you may be forced to choose between deploying the unit and playing the expensive spell with Holdover. Having Permafrost on that expensive spell as well may be a good idea. You may consider looking for upgrades that increase the cost of spells, like Doublestack, because the cost increase allows it to make other spells cost 0Ember.

The interaction with Tethys Titansbane's Conduit upgrade path deserves a special mention. For the purpose of comparing spell costs, the cost reduction effect of Conduit is not taken into account. This means that, for example, Conduit can reduce the cost of a 3Ember damage spell to 0Ember, and playing it will reduce the costs of all 2Emberand 1Ember spells in hand (including non-damage spells) to 0Ember, to be played on any floor. This can be very powerful.

Split Anvil is a solid early-game pickup and can be built around to great effect. If offered later in the run, its value depends on how well your run is built to take advantage of it.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Split Anvil.
1.2.6 BUG FIX - ensure Looming Darkshard's cost increase is applied in order with effects such as Split Anvil.