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Stygian Guard Clan Stygian Guard.png is a clan in Monster Train.

"Draft the Support of the ancient Guard of the Stygian Sea. Mystical Sirens and ancient Totems work together to eradicate the Winged from Hell"

The Stygian Guard Clan Stygian Guard.png is a complex, multi-layered clan in Monster Train that differentiates itself from other clans through its unique synergies with spell cards in order to get the most out of their units and spells. Unlike other clans, Stygian win conditions will commonly require the player to kill enemies across multiple floors. The Stygian Guard feature a number of unique spell-focused mechanics:

Spell Weakness: A stackable debuff that multiplies damage dealt by the next damaging spell cast on that unit based on the number of Spell Weakness charges.

Frostbite: A stackable debuff that deals damage to afflicted units at the end of the turn, based on the number of Frostbite charges. 1 stack of Frostbite is lost at the end of each turn.

Incant: When a spell is cast on the same floor as an incant unit, the listed effect is applied.

The Stygian Guard champion is Tethys Titansbane, a high-attack, low-health hero who is able to apply Spell Weakness and Frostbite, depending on how the player upgrades her. Due to her low health total, Tethys is best positioned behind sturdier frontline units, and is particularly weak to enemy units with Spikes or Sweep, especially early on in the game. She starts with 4 copies of Frozen Lance in the deck.

The Stygian Guard exiled champion is Solgard the Martyr, a weak to start unit that has the inherent ability to gain Shards when his Incant ability triggers. Depending on how the player upgrades him, he can do extra damage to the front unit as an Action, inflict Frostbite on Revenge, or even gain huge stats but be Phased until he gets enough Shards. He starts with 4 copies of Forgotten Power in the deck.



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Card Unlocks[]

  1. Tethys Titansbane
  2. Ice and Pyre, Sigiled Seaweed
  3. Preserve, Token of a Traitor
  4. ?
  5. Solgard the Martyr, Siren's Song, Totem Fragment
  6. Cuttlehex, Tethys' Scales
  7. Ice Tornado, Titan Sentry
  8. Lodestone Totem, Rules of Containment
  9. Gifts for a Guard
  10. Ancient Synergy