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This article aims to provide a non-extensive list of most common synergies between clans, mostly as a help for new players. Please note that the best synergy to use in any instance also depends on the starter card, the champion and which type of Seraph is faced in the end.

Mechanics Overview[]

Clan Hellhorned.png Armor, Backline Removal, Floor Overstacking, Imps, Multistrike, Rage

Clan Awoken.png Buff, Draw, Quick, Regen, Rejuvenate, Spikes, Sweep

Clan Stygian Guard.png Damage Spells, Draw, Frostbite, Incant, Sweep

Clan Umbra.png Damage Shield, Ember generation, Gorge, Lifesteal, Morsels, Space generation, Trample, X cost spells

Clan Melting Remnant.png Burnout, Extinguish, Harvest, Gold generation, Reform

Clan Wurmkin.png Buff, Consume & Etch, Inspire, Reap

List of Clan Combinations[]

Clan Hellhorned.png Clan Awoken.png[]

Rage is very good on Multistrike and Sweep units. Slay triggers on units with Spikes. Slay and Strike effects are very good on units with Multistrike or Sweep. Floor Overstacking works well behind banner units with a large health pool. Avoid Armor and Regen, as they do not work well together.

Clan Hellhorned.png Clan Stygian Guard.png[]

Rage and Armor are common in both clans and can therefor be combined easily. Rage is very good on Sweep units. Floor Overstacking is very good with Incant units. Avoid Imps, if you rely on Incant.

Clan Hellhorned.png Clan Umbra.png[]

Increasing floor capacity works very well in combination with playing many Imp units. Trample works well on units that scale with Regen or have Multistrike. Ember generation let's you play expensive spells from Hellhorned. Slay and Strike abilities work on Shadoweater.

Clan Hellhorned.png Clan Melting Remnant.png[]

Reforming and harvest strategies work very well with Imp units. Making cards cost 0 Ember is very good for expensive cards. Both clans make use of Rage. Stealth is a good alternative to stacking Armor on units. Avoid reforming units that you scale with Rage and Armor.

Clan Hellhorned.png Clan Wurmkin.png[]

Both clans make use of Armor. Floor Overstacking works very well with Inspire units. Hellhorned has very strong consume spells and Wurmkin has the ability to bring back consume spells. Avoid putting Rage and Armor on eggs before they have hatched.

Clan Awoken.png Clan Stygian Guard.png[]

Drawing cards is very strong for units with Incant, especially with having cheap spells. Incant is very good on units with Sweep or Multistrike.

Clan Awoken.png Clan Umbra.png[]

Lifesteal triggers Rejuvenate. Spikes work with Damage Shield. Trample works well on Multistrike and Sweep units. Avoid combining Damage Shield and Regen, as they do not work well together.

Clan Awoken.png Clan Melting Remnant.png[]

Harvest is easily triggered with Multistrike, Sweep and Spike units. Rooting enemies is very good in combination with Stealth.

Clan Awoken.png Clan Wurmkin.png[]

Drawing many cards is very good for Inspire and Hatch. Both clans have strong common scaling cards.

Clan Stygian Guard.png Clan Umbra.png[]

Increasing floor capacity is very good for Incant units. Morsel generation cards can be played on any floor, thus allowing for easy incants.

Clan Stygian Guard.png Clan Melting Remnant.png[]

Frostbite can kill your own units after they attack in the battle. Avoid many units in combination with incant units, especially starting with dregs and having many endless units can make incanting difficult.

Clan Stygian Guard.png Clan Wurmkin.png[]

Incant and Inspire strategies can work well together. Drawing more cards is good for Incant strategies. Avoid consuming most of your cards when using Incant strategies.

Clan Umbra.png Clan Melting Remnant.png[]

Increasing floor capacity is very good for floors with many units, such as a floor making use of reforming units over and over. Morsels trigger harvest on death but not after being eaten. Be careful, Morsels that get killed can be reformed.

Clan Umbra.png Clan Wurmkin.png[]

Increasing floor capacity is very good for floors with many inspire units.

Clan Melting Remnant.png Clan Wurmkin.png[]

Eggs die on hatching allowing for reform strategies. Reap can kill your own units after they attack in the battle.