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Talos, the Architect is one of the 2 first Major Bosses in Monster Train, who can appear in Ring 3.

Unlike most other Major bosses, she attacks before the Relentless phase, with varying effects based on the combat.

She is featured in the following Ring 3 combats:

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In these visions, I've seen crystals used as prisons souls. "Shardsouls", they've been called. It seems their creator, a human of some ancient renown, created them to split the Divine Titans, but it's unclear why this happened, what became of the human Exile, or the importance of Humans in this forgotten tragedy.

Battle Quotes[]

  • head...
  • I have no choice...
  • No, this isn't right...
  • I've been granted a trust you Titans could never imagine.
  • Leave us alone, you Titan filth!
  • For the Three Realms!
  • Is it over?
  • Please, release me...
  • Where am I?
  • When am I?
  • The exiles fight together!
  • What is this metal contraption?
  • The Titans will not doom us to die.
  • The Three Realms cannot exist without us.
  • Oh long has it been?
  • The souls of the Realms reside in these wings.
  • For Heaven, Hell, and Humans!
  • Down with the Titans!
  • Our souls give us strength.
  • Our wills are solid.
  • Our souls are strong.
  • We, the Exiles, hold you imprisoned.


Together with Archus and Seraph the Patient, Talos was introduced in the Friends and Foes Update.