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Tempered Talisman is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


Never before have the nine Rings of Hell collaborated on something as monumental as the Rail of the Covenant. As a token of thanks, I created these amulets through my time in Hell, imbuing them with some basic power, and I gave them to each clan.


Tempered Talisman gives you 3 Magic Power at all times, to all spells that deal damage or heal.

Tempered Talisman's utility depends on how often you play cards that can take advantage of Magic Power. Several Starter cards, like Torch and Restore, use Magic Power well, as Tempered Talisman can more than double many of their effects. In some cases, this can make these cards viable, and makes removing them less important than it would otherwise be. Torch in particular becomes able to kill most Support-class enemies even in later Rings with this, unless they are Pact Shard-enhanced (The Last Divinity (DLC) only).

Tempered Talisman is much less useful if you have already removed your starter cards, your starter cards don't interact with Magic Power, such as Dreg or Shadesplitter, or your run is in a strong position and it's clear you will want to remove your starter cards later anyway.

There are a handful of non-Starter cards that appreciate this Artifact, like Antumbra Assault, Icestorm, or Titan's Gratitude, among others, but it doesn't tend to have a huge impact outside of Starter cards. But if you are using Tethys Titansbane's Conduit path, The Sentient's Explosive path, or are otherwise spamming damage/healing spells, the extra damage/healing will gradually add up.


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Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Tempered Talisman.