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TheLastDivinity This article, The Last Divinity, is content only available with The Last Divinity, DLC.

The Last Divinity is a Major Boss and "the true final boss" of The Last Divinity (DLC), fought in Ring 9, after defeating Seraph, if the DLC is active and one of the following conditions is true:

  • over the course of the run 100 or more Pact Shards (100PactShards) have been collected.
  • the Game mode is Hell Rush.

The Last Divinity itself spans all 3 floors, and attacks each floor every turn, with different status effects.

More specifically, The Last Divinity has Sweep on the top floor, Multistrike 1 on the middle floor, and Trample on the bottom floor.

When The Last Divinity enters Relentless, it gains 7Attack. Its Relentless is triggered on all floors at the same time. If The Last Divinity manages to survive Relentless on all floors, it will freeze all floors at once after the enemy units ascend and start fighting the Pyre (presumably with the top section's Attack).

For more information about the combat, see The Last Divinity: Divine Intervention.


A Divinity still exists, one of space and time. If you are ever to threaten it, it will likely use those powers against you, never allowing you to truly reach your goal, instead repeating your struggle over and over and over. I’ve looked for a way to broker peace, I’ve studied all I can, but I’ve still yet to come up with a solution. And if history is any guide, it may be best that I am not the one to find it.

Battle Quotes[]

  • I can see the cracks in my existence. Light through glass. Is this what it means to fade?
  • This world was a pleasant distraction for some time. But all things must end.
  • Eternity is but a sliver of thought for my existence. Your presence here no more noticeable than a raindrop in an ocean.
  • I sense the power of Titans in your machine's heart. Those of the Elements.
  • Your attempt to succeed is useless, but I've come to expect your company.
  • I feel fragments of others like me. Ones I could resonate with. This feeling is...unusual.
  • Perhaps this time you will fare better than the last. Perhaps not.
  • How many loops has it been now?
  • Do the sins of the Judge remain as stains upon your conscience? You must not know that your dwelling is pointless.
  • Is it hope that drives you forward? Or something darker?
  • Win or lose, you will come back to me.
  • How many times have we clashed here?
  • You've arrived again.
  • Oh, but Time does ripple.
  • You must understand, that even if this ends in my demise, you are fated to begin again. Such is eternity.
  • This cruel folding of time is the only way to ensure my existence. Consider it merciful if you consider it at all.
  • I apologize if my words confuse you. Time does not work as it does for you.
  • Curious...
  • Let us be done with this.
  • This was inevitable. Unfortunate, but inevitable.
  • Back again.
  • So how did you fare last time? Was I a worthy opponent? Were you?