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The Unbroken Horn is an Artifact of the Hellhorned Clan Hellhorned.png in Monster Train.


I've never found the final whereabouts of Grrrg, but before his mysterious disappearance, he left his unbroken horn with the Hellhorned, leading me to believe that he has succumbed to death.


The Unbroken Horn lets you conserveEmber between turns, meaning that, at the beginning of your turn, instead of your Ember being set to the amount of Ember generation you have per turn, that value is added to your current instead. (Or rather, that your unspent Ember is not forfeited when you end your card-playing turn. Note that Ember added after that point, during combat resolution on the floors, are normally preserved for the next turn.)

The Unbroken Horn, in order to be useful, requires turns where you cannot meaningfully spend all your Ember, and turns where you can meaningfully spend a lot of Ember. This is not generally the case at the start of a run - if we assume that every card in your hand costs 1Ember, which is roughly the case then, and you draw 5 cards per turn, the 4th Ember lets you play an extra Starter card, which is not worth holding back Ember on a previous turn for.

Also, if your deck has trouble making use of its Ember in a turn, usually the solution to this is to get a Herzal's Compound or other sources of card draw - this is more consistent than banking the Ember from this and drafting more Ember-hungry cards, as you may draw the Ember-hungry cards early.

As such, The Unbroken Horn tends to shine only in scenarios where Ember becomes overabundant thanks to Artifacts like Hell's Banners, Improved Firebox, and Abandoned Stave, or cards like Pyre Chomper. For those sources that only provide the Ember on a specific turn, The Unbroken Horn carries over their value to later turns. For the sources that consistently provide Ember, you'll need an X Cost-Cost card to take advantage of the carryover Ember that you accumulate - Spike of the Hellhorned is one, and Concealed Caverns and your allied clan can supply others.

With a well-upgraded and well-groomed deck in the lategame, with Emberstone and Valuestone upgrades, it is possible for a run to have more Ember than it knows what to do with, letting The Unbroken Horn shine with an aforementioned X Cost-Cost card.

Overall, The Unbroken Horn can be powerful lategame if built around or with the right synergies, but it's fairly low-impact otherwise.


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Version Changes
1.0.0 Added The Unbroken Horn.