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Three Divinities, Four Elemental Titans, and Two Judges. These were the Nine Divine that so ruled the Realm. The Divinities have been splintered; only one remains. Will this be the last unifier of our world? Titan against Titan? A dream, perhaps, but so was the Rail.

There are nine Titans in the Lore of Monster Train.

Three Divinities[]

  • The Father, or the last Divinity, controls time and is the last Titan left.
  • The Mother controlled Life and created the three realms Heaven, Hell and the Human realm. Her destruction created the many immortal being of Heaven and Hell.
  • The Child is the remains of a divine titan split between Light and Dark. The Darkness became the darkshards and the Light became Seraph's Light. According to Archus, Herzal played a role in the creation of these Shardsouls.

Four Elemental Titans[]

  • Fhyra for the Hellhorned and Fire.
  • Bogwurm for the Wurmkin and Earth was a titan who is said to be among the great Titans that formed the Rings of Hell, the Bogwurm had long since died by the time Herzal began to build the Rail. The Bogwurm's remains have created a Ring full of waste and ruin.
  • Aquath, also known as the Unnamed Titan, for the Stygian Guard and Water is resting deep under the Ice of the Styx Sea protected by the Stygian Guard.
  • Wyngh for the winged and Air.

Two Judges[]

  • Herzal is the judge for souls and was the forger of the rail connecting the Rings of Hell as well as the forger of the Covenant.
  • Malicka is the judge for natural laws.