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Transcendimp is a Hellhorned Clan Hellhorned.png Card in Monster Train.


When a demon dies under the weight of their horns, they are reborn as impish infants, restarting their molting cycle. These imps are quite possibly the most powerful Hellhorned in existence - seeing that all has come before and all that will come after. While this power is lost upon their first molting, they've been crucial in my research of their Ring.


Transcendimp is one of the few cards that enables Infinites.

While Transcendimp's ability obviously synergizes well with other Imps, it also resolves Summon abilities of non-Imp units, such as Awoken Hollow or Penumbra's Architect path. Any such ability treats Transcendimp as though it had the ability (e.g. copying an Awoken Hollow's summon effect gives Transcendimp maximum health, not the Awoken Hollow.)

Transcendimp's ability is not itself a Summon ability. Furthermore, Summon effects triggered by playing a Transcendimp do not count as Summon effects. Together, these rules mean that multiple Transcendimps--while potentially very powerful--do not directly amplify each other's effectiveness, and that Ashes of the Fallen will result in each previous Summon ability resolving twice when Transcendimp is played, not four times.

Transcendimp also pairs extremely well with effects that return creatures from the Consume pile, such as the Melting Remnant's Reform mechanic. These can not only be used to repeatedly return Transcendimp but also to repeatedly return units with Summon abilities. Each time such a unit is summoned, they will add their Summon ability to the list for Transcendimp to trigger again. Reform is especially good because a Reformed non-burnout unit will die quickly the first few times it reforms before it builds up to a workable number of Burnout stacks.

Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Unit Immortalstone.png Immortalstone is extremely effective on Transcendimp, letting you recur all previous Summon abilities on each turn (or potentially even more with e.g. Imp-portant Work), which is extremely powerful with even a moderate amount of Summon abilities. You do need to have a way to reliably have Transcendimp die, which can be difficult depending on what summon effects have previously occurred. Any card that sacrifices Imps helps, but even Torch or other damage spells that can target your units can do this too.
Upgrade Unit Wickstone.png Wickstone causes Transcendimp to die immediately after being played, freeing up space the next turn automatically. Combined with Endless (see Immortalstone), you can play Transcendimp every turn and guarantee that it will die and return to your hand every time.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Transcendimp.
2.1 Transcendimp cost increased 1 -> 2.