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Umbra Clan Umbra.png is a clan in Monster Train.

"Commune with the Ancient Umbra Shroud. The original residents of Hell mine the Crucible for precious materials to help in the fight against Seraph."

The Umbra Clan Umbra.png revolve around Morsels and their Eaten and Gorge mechanics. A further sub-theme is Ember generation and Space generation as a utility and Lifesteal and Damage Shield as damage mitigation.


Morsels are a type of unit used by the Umbra clan which are generated in combat through various other Umbra cards. They all have low health (ranging from 1 to 6), low attack (ranging from 0 to 6) and have the unique trait of Eaten which causes them to die(but not trigger extinguish) and be sent to the Eaten pool at the end of each combat phase and provide a buff to the front-most non-morsel ally (also triggering Gorge effects), as long as a non-morsel ally exists.

Morsel Pool



Banner Units



Card Unlocks[]

  1. Penumbra
  2. Making of a Morsel
  3. Cave In, Abandoned Antumbra
  4. Alloyed Construct, Kindle
  5. Primordium, Engine Upgrade, Teeth of Gold
  6. Ember Forge, Mask of Penumbra
  7. Shadoweater, Prism Retrieval
  8. Blazing Bolts
  9. Shroud Mitosis
  10. Shadowsiege