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Vapor Funnel is a Clanless Clan Clanless.png Artifact in Monster Train.


While trying to improve the efficiency of energy transfer from the Pyre to the Boneshaker, I inadvertently created a way to convert the energy directly into steam. At the time it seemed like a failure, but it may well prove useful in these harsh times.


Vapor Funnel gives enemies Dazed 1 when they enter the Pyre room and gives the Pyre -5Attack, giving the Pyre one turn to attack enemies before they get to do anything.

Vapor Funnel allows you to leak most Support-class enemies to the Pyre room without consequence (barring Spikes or Extinguish triggers), as the Pyre kills all such enemies in one hit under most circumstances. It can also nullify or mitigate damage from weakened Heavy-class enemies, though with its -5Attack penalty, healthy Heavy-class enemies will end up doing as much or more Pyre damage than they would otherwise, and Bosses are even more of a threat (though if Vapor Funnel is making your boss situation worse, your run is probably dead anyway).

Vapor Funnel synergizes well with Boon of the Blacksmith and especially Heaven's Gold, allowing your Pyre to better kill weakened Heavy-class enemies with minimal consequences.

Vapor Funnel can help ease pressure on your Pyre and is generally a strong Artifact, and should be considered whenever offered unless your run is in a very strong position. However, you will usually want to reach a point where it is mostly redundant, especially if you are playing with Pact Shards in The Last Divinity (DLC), as this will not have much of an impact against the Minor bosses without Relentless in that fight.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Vapor Funnel.