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Vinemother is a Banner Unit of the Awoken Clan Awoken.png.


These Awoken focus solely on the reproduction of the Wildwood, shedding their steel armor to further spread their thorns with each new surge of life. The Mothers are quite small in stature, but the shell around them provides immense natural protection. Along with the Channelers, they've been indispensable guides during my time in the Wildwood.


At first, it can be tempting to place Vinemother in the backliner to utilize her passive ability, similar to Wildwood Custodian. However, this strategy fails to capitalize on her healthpool, which makes Vinemother a strong frontliner, especially in the earlier fights or when upgraded with something to improve her tankiness, like Heartstone.

Effects to increase the effectiveness of Sting cards, like Channelheart or Thorn Casing, only compound her effectiveness. Other mechanics like Spell Damage and Incant can also help the player get additional value out of Vinemother's free spells – making her strong in combination with a Stygian deck.

When using Vinemother, it is important to remember not to over-saturate your deck with Sting cards, making it difficult to cycle through to more impactful cards. For this reason, it is sometimes correct to intentionally kill or sacrficice Vinemother during a fight.

Vinemother is also a very strong counter to Seraph's Power Drain battle effect.

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Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Vinemother.