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Void Binding is an Umbra Clan Umbra.png Card in Monster Train. It is a spell in the Umbra clan.


When Void shards were first found, they were considered to be of little value. So, they were collected and dumped to the depths of the Crucible. Later, the Umbra and I found that the shards can mimic the effects of any nearby gems, making them incredibly useful tools if bound directly to the body.


Void Binding gives a unit several powerful benefits at the expense of inflicting the Emberdrain effect on that unit, crippling your Ember on future turns unless the unit dies. If not managed well, this can easily outweigh the benefits of this card.

If you do not have any synergies with Void Binding, it can be moderately useful as a booster spell for Morsels to make one able to soak up two extra hits and possibly hit for 12 extra damage before being eaten, negating the drawback of the Emberdrain effect.

This card is at its best when you are able to manage the Emberdrain debuff by building around it and other Emberdrain cards, either using Perils of Production or by aggressively reducing the cost of this card and other cards in the deck to 0Ember.

Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Spell Emberstone.png Emberstone can be a good upgrade on Void Binding, letting you play it even when you have several stacks of Emberdrain from prior turns. If playing cards on 0Ember is your strategy, you will also want to apply Emberstone to other spells in your deck that do not cost 0Ember to get them down to 0Ember.
Upgrade Spell Stackstone.png Stackstone can be a good upgrade on Void Binding provided you are building around it and other Emberdrain cards, doubling its already powerful effects. However, the +1Ember it gives is difficult to manage in this context, as unless you have Lightstone Casing this means you will not be able to get this card to 0Ember. This is best paired with a Perils of Production with Holdover or other strong ways to ensure you will have Perils of Production when you need it. This upgrade is very much not worth it if you aren't building around Emberdrain, as 4 Damage Shield on a unit you want dead next turn is not worth much.
Upgrade Spell Freezestone.png Freezestone can be a solid upgrade on Void Binding provided you are building around it and other Emberdrain cards, as you may not want to play it on turn 1 or 2 before you've played all your units (in the 0Ember spell archetype) or drawn your Holdover Perils of Production (in that archetype). Being able to play it when it's time to is worthwhile.
Upgrade Spell Keepstone.png Keepstone can be a good upgrade on Void Binding in a deck that aims to have mostly 0Ember spells and play Emberdrain cards at will, as playing it every turn is quite strong, and having at least one card every turn that costs 0Ember improves your deck's consistency. It can be good on a Holdover Perils of Production deck too, but be wary that 2 cards with Holdover will make your draw through other cards quite slow.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Void Binding.
1.1.2 Void Binding ember cost increased 0 -> 1.