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Welder Helper is a Hellhorned Clan Hellhorned.png Card in Monster Train.


It was a surprise to learn that even the imps craft weapons and armor for the Hellhorned. Instead of hammers, they use their innate control of fire.


Welder Helper is an excellent source of Armor for units, providing almost as much as the rare Alloy of the Ancients while being enhanced by Ashes of the Fallen and capable of being re-used with an Immortalstone.

Welder Helper can be put in the front to take up to 21 damage for allies while only taking up 1Capacity, which is a fine use of it. It can be put in the back to provide its Armor to a different unit instead, which can be even better if you are able to kill Welder Helper, as then it does not continue to take up 1Capacity. If you can do this reliably, Immortalstone is a great upgrade for Welder Helper, as you will be able to apply its Armor repeatedly. Shardtail Queen's Imperialist upgrade line is noteworthy here for its ability to reliably kill Welder Helper and benefit from it.

Suggested Upgrades[]

Upgrade Description
Upgrade Unit Immortalstone.png Like most imps, Immortalstone can be quite strong on Welder Helper, allowing you to amass a lot of armor on a single unit. This is contingent on you having a way to reliably kill Welder Helper, such as Shardtail Queen's Imperialist ability, a Wickstone, or a spell that kills imps that you can reliably draw.
Upgrade Unit Wickstone.png Note: Wickstone is only available if you have chosen the Melting Remnant as your primary or secondary clan - it is mentioned to help reinforce the point that having a way to reliably kill Welder Helper is strong.

Wickstone is effective on Welder Helper. Most Imps are best placed on the front line so you can benefit from it's Summon effect and then it can take a hit and die, removing it from your train and freeing up the Capacity. However, you will most likely want the Armor that the Welder Helper provides to be placed on a more useful unit, and therefore the Welder Helper isn't place in the front line. This means that the Welder Helper sticks around and takes up Capacity. The Wickstone gives a way for the Welder Helper to die after it provides its Summon benefit.


See: Version History

Version Changes
1.0.0 Added Welder Helper
1.1.2 Welder Helper armor gain increased 15 -> 20.