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TheLastDivinity This article, Wurmkin, is content only available with The Last Divinity, DLC.
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Wurmkin Clan Wurmkin.png is a clan in Monster Train.

"A new clan has risen from the depths of hell to join forces with your 5 original favorites. The Wurmkin Clan is led by two powerful new champions. The Spine Chief uses the power of Charged Echoes to do damage and make compatriots even more powerful and the Echowright can tap into the power of consumable spells in all new ways. Charged Echoes create buffs for the whole floor and bring a completely new gameplay mechanic to the already diverse world of Monster Train."

The Wurmkin Clan Wurmkin.png revolve around Charged Echoes (Echo), which includes Inspire, Reap, Extract as well as Hatching Eggs. The clan also makes use of consumed cards with the Etch Ability and bringing back consume cards as well as giving spells consume.



Banner Units



Card Unlocks[]

To unlock the clan Wurmkin, you need to complete Covenant level 1.

  1. Spine Chief
  2. Echo Snare
  3. Forced Contamination
  4. Bogdeep Cocoon, Accelerated Incubation
  5. Total Recall, Echowright
  6. Power of Knowledge
  7. Keeper of Echoes, Unearthed Remains
  8. Perfect Insanity
  9. Symphony of the Soul
  10. Eternal Kinstone