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Wyldenten is the Exiled Champion Crown2.png of the Awoken Clan Awoken.png.


Something in the Wildwood unsettles my mind, granting me visions of its very Roots when I rest there. But these Roots form a creature predating both Hollows and Channelers. Was there some soul before the Wildwood?

Battle Quotes[]

  • For my forest!
  • The millenia were not kind to us Exiles. Poor Talos lost her mind...
  • Could this Pyre be a Shardsoul as well? But what could be so powerful to be trapped inside?
  • What is this Rail? And this Covenant? So much has happened... So much we've missed...
  • An entire forest sprung from my roots? How incredible!
  • We hoped the Shardsouls would protect us...and you. It seems we only postponed the inevitable.
  • Such a strange contraption we're on.
  • The Exiles have failed...
  • Let this serve as my redemption.
  • My roots run deep!
  • Do not blame Archus, he only does what the Child's Darkness compels him to.
  • The souls encased within my forest don't contain the same vigor they once did...
  • Be bound!
  • Could this have been avoided had we ignored Herzal's plan?


Upgrade I.png Upgrade II.png Upgrade III.png
Thornlord +10Health

Summon: Add 3 Sting spells to your hand.

Incant: +1Attack.


Summon: Add 3 Sting spells to your hand.

Incant: +2Attack.


Summon: Add 3 Sting spells to your hand.

Incant: +3Attack.

Strangler +5Attack


Strike: Apply Rooted to the attacked unit.



Strike: Apply Rooted to the attacked unit.



Strike: Apply Rooted to the attacked unit.



Enchant: Grant Quick.


Quick. Multistrike 1.

Enchant: Grant Quick.


Quick. Multistrike 2.

Enchant: Grant Quick.



Thornlord, thanks to their Incant trigger, works extremely well with the Stygian Guard as allies. The Stygian Guard offers other Incant units you can put on the same floor to also benefit from spells cast there, all of whom can start benefiting immediately from the extra Sting cards that Wyldtenden adds to your opening hand. While not an Incant unit, Icy Cilophyte is a useful complement to Thornlord, able to function as both a sweeper for weak backline enemies while also applying Spell Weakness to help you take care of the larger enemies that get through.

Founding Seal is incredible for the Thornlord path, offering double activations for both Wyldenten and any other Incant units you pick up. Channelheart and Thorn Casing are naturally excellent as well given they buff all your copies of Sting, helping out with Thornlord's early game. Should you acquire one or both of these artifacts, Preserved Thorns, Vinemother or Thornfruit, already good for guaranteeing a steady stream of Incant activations, become a viable way of burning through enemy tanks. (Note that while Sting gives you +1 Draw and thus normally does not slow down your ability to cycle through your deck, this stop being true once you hit the handsize limit of 10 cards. Make sure you don't crowd out other utility you might need to draw into.)


This path combining Sweep attack with Rooted status, making Wyldenten formidable combatant in the early game. Balanced stat growth and access to the early damage buffs help him in this task. With few buffs - mainly damage and Quick status - he may as well become your main sweeper.

Because of the big size Wyldenten can be vulnerable to stronger frontline units and damage accumulation without a proper partner. On the other hand, he is genuinely amazing as part of floor stacking strategy on the top floor, preventing any leaks into Pyre room and forcing enemies fight to the death.

Strangler path provide generous opportunities to the combinations with any other path. With key features accessible on the very first level, you can branch in other directions to get additional functionality.


The first level of Predator gives Quick to all units that you can put on the same floor as Wyldenten, with this Floor Overstacking becomes extremely potent. Without overstacking the floor it is good to have a unit with sweep to kill backline enemies before they can attack you. For this the path can also be combined with Strangler.

Additional level of Predator provide Multistrike, which can be very potent if you scale Wyldenten itself. This is especially powerful in combination with one level of Strangler. Having access to both quick and roots on the floor providing enormous advantage for your floor.


See: Version History

As with all other exiled Champions, Wyldenten was added with the Friends and Foes Update.

Version Changes
1.2.5 Added Wyldenten.